• Sun City Cabanas
    Sun City Cabanas
  • Pettigrew's Place
    Pettigrew's Place
  • Zebula Country Club & Spa 69
    Zebula Country Club & Spa 69
  • Rhulani Lodge
    Rhulani Lodge
  • Ivory Tree Lodge
    Ivory Tree Lodge
  • Cranberry Cottage
    Cranberry Cottage
  • Loerie Lodge - iMbabala Forest Estate
    Loerie Lodge - iMbabala Forest Estate
  • Marais Manor
    Marais Manor
  • Zebula Country Club & Spa 14
    Zebula Country Club & Spa 14
  • Sun City Hotel
    Sun City Hotel
  • Pinnacle Point Fynbos 54
    Pinnacle Point Fynbos 54
  • Club Mykonos Kaliva 196
    Club Mykonos Kaliva 196
  • Sun City Cascades
    Sun City Cascades
  • Pinnacle Point Fynbos 61
    Pinnacle Point Fynbos 61
  • Sun City The Palace
    Sun City The Palace
  • Zebula Country Club & Spa 10
    Zebula Country Club & Spa 10
  • Marina Martinique
    Marina Martinique
  • Mabula Game Reserve
    Mabula Game Reserve
  • Raptors Lodge
    Raptors Lodge
  • No5 Boutique Art Hotel
    No5 Boutique Art Hotel
  • Little Brak River
    Little Brak River
  • V&A Waterfront Marina
    V&A Waterfront Marina
  • 26 on First Camps Bay
    26 on First Camps Bay
  • San Lameer
    San Lameer
  • Pecanwood

Luxury Getaways For The Family

Luxury Self Catering Holiday is the answer to the needs of family and groups of friends and colleagues.  Luxury Self Catering accommodation has the following advantages: 

  • most affordable rates per person or per lodge for luxury accommodation
  • spaciousness of holiday houses and lodges
  • most private accommodation
  • personalized and warm atmosphere
  • a choice of service levels and extras
  • determine your own activities and time utilization

Our extensive portfolio of luxury properties allows us to offer numerous holiday options across South Africa from Safari’s, Golf Lodges and Spas to Cape Town’s  famous attractions. We offer the best possible value to our clients in luxury accommodation

Please select the province in which you are seeking to enjoy a holiday, weekend getaway or contact our agents directly for any other assistance or advice.

Our agents will provide you with unbeatable service and assistance on all types of accommodation, attractions and activities.

Holiday Places To Choose From